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A celebration of all things Northumbrian including culture and heritage, so where better than to visit the birthplace of Capability Brown?

Departing Kirkharle Courtyard, entitled “Northumbria – From the Pagans to the Georgians” our local guide Angus McTavish, will be conducting one daily guided walk.  Starting at 2-00pm on the Wednesday 23rd May and each day after up until Northumberland Day on the Sunday around the Kirkharle Hamlet. For more information and to book a place on the walk contact McTavish on 07877563076. The group size has to be limited to 20 person for health and safety reasons.

Always keen to showcase Northumbrian suppliers,  The Coffee House will serve local specials throughout the celebrations and special Northumbrian offers from Brown’s  and our resident Galleries and Artists will be detailed on our social media pages so don’t forget to check them out!



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