Our brunch menu is served daily 10am – 12pm.

Eastern Eggs (V)
Fried eggs in chilli and smoked paprika butter served on a chimichurri yoghurt and toast £7.95

Black pudding & potato terrine
Served on roast tomatoes  – £7.50

Creamy scrambled eggs
With cottage cheese, sprinkled with a crispy fried fish crumb served with toasted crumpet – £7.95 

Coffee & banana fried porridge (Vg)
Drizzled with maple syrup – £6.45

Indian French toast (V)
Fried curry spiced eggy bread drizzled with sweet chilli sauce – £5.75

Buttered whole kipper
Oven baked served with lemon, bread and butter – £7.25

Bacon /Northumbrian sausage/fried agg sandwich
(1,2 or 3 fillings) Served in white or brown bread – £4.00/£4.50/£5.00