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In addition to our many music concerts we have free outdoor programmes for the family. Performances from walk about characters and circus style shows commence at 11am, 12.30pm & 2pm. Check back here and our social media for regular updates and details of shows.

31st July – Bread & butter Theatre Company

Prima ballerinas Fifi Pavlova and Dame
Margot Fondue are bringing their passion for dance to Kirkharle. These
Tutu-clad divas will teach the you how to perfect your demi-plies, pirouettes
and first positions (Tutus and Barre will be provided.) You will be moved to
tears by the emotional rendition of ballet classics such as The Nutcracker, and
the Macarena…

Pete and Ged Moss. Leek FM’s expert Gardeners
Pete and Ged Moss (complete with musical wheelbarrow) are on hand to answer all
your horticultural and healthy lifestyle queries with their very own version of
Gardeners’ Question Time. Which one do you prefer: Britney Spears or garden

7th August –  Bell and Bullock theatre Company ‘Mind your Peas and Cues’

From his mobile potting shed table, gardener Hugh Bushey
Babcock shares his green fingered secrets and introduces Leia his prize
winning, walking, talking psychic leek. With a little audience participation
they use her powers of clairvoyance to deduce people’s favourite vegetables,
then demonstrate the giant carrot chopper (mind your fingers on the guillotine
– they could end up in the soup!) and miraculously raise a drooping rose from
almost certain death.

14th August – Artizani; Syrovy shows at 11.00 & 2.00

Syrovy enters the space and everyday objects conspire against him: newspapers become sails, there is a waterfall of cutlery, he dances with chairs and clothes confound him. Eventually he ascends into sanity and finds balance on a wobbling bouncing rope.

21st August – Swank ‘Bard Women’

Engaging and delightful, Lady Mac and Mistress Much skilfully and comically re-enact beloved scenes and sonnets from William Shakespeare in homage to the bard, marking 400 years since his death. Brilliant, bold and ever so slightly bawdy

28th August – Frolicked ‘The Birds’

A rare set of exotic birds have escaped captivity and have taken a liking to the local habitat. The “Rubious Harmonious” has unmistakable plumage, a surprisingly trusting disposition and a repertoire of bird song not to be missed!