Our children’s meals are suitable for children up to the age of 10 years old.

Pancakes with honey and yoghurt – £2.50
½ cheese, jam or nutella sandwich with crisps – £2.50
Small bowl of soup & bread – £2.75
Baked potato skins with cheese – £2.65
Little Bites: Raisins, cherry tomatoes, cheese cubes & mini bread sticks – £2.50

Lunchbox: ½ Cheese, jam or nutella sandwich, a piece of fruit, yoghurt, a homemade coconut & fruit muesli ball and a carton of apple or orange juice -£3.75

Blackcurrant cordial – 75p
Glass of milk – 95p
Apple or orange juice – 80p
Babychino: Frothy warm milk topped with chocolate – £1.10